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© C.J.K. - 28 January 2013 - Project One Index Page Wow my first web site! I started this site with a blank sheet of graph paper mapping out the navigation, header, footer etc. Then I made prototypes of each webpage in Photoshop. There I could see onscreen what my site would actually look like. Next came the actual coding which is the really finicky part of the whole operation. Once this was done I added the blog entries. Finally I uploaded my pages onto the GHIS website and hey presto here it is!
© C.J.K. - 7 June 2013 - Project Two Index Page In Project Two I revealed a bit more about myself in the About page and got to grips with putting a photo gallery together. I also used Vimeo to put a video onto my site.
© C.J.K. - 2 May 2013 - Project Three Index Page My client's web page is finally uploaded! This took a bit longer than intended due to a number of reasons I won't be going into here. There were times of frustration and times of elation depending on whether things were going well or not. I hope you like it.
© C.J.K. - 29 January 2013 - Project Four Index Page WordPress was a welcome respite from all my coding. Everything is laid out for you and it's just a matter of choosing how you want your blog page laid out. So once my layout was chosen all I had to do was start blogging. I found it a very positive experience and it's something I think I might keep doing.
© C.J.K. - 27 June 2013 - Test Project Index Page For this test I was on my own, I was not allowed to get help from my tutor or from other students. I got stumped on quite a few occasions but managed to get through it eventually.
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